WOMEN’S BASKETBALL: Hampton Highlights

Tonight marks just the third ever match up between Virginia and Hampton. Hard to believe as they are in- state foes. And it’s taken since 2001, the last time these two teams faced off. Virginia unbeaten at 2 and 0, all time against the Hampton Lady Pirates. Kicking across the way, Huland El steps into a deep jumper off the back of the rim, no good. Offensive rebound, Moses goes back up with a stick back to put Virginia on the board. James, looking for the hand off to Finney-Smith, it’s taken by Brianna Tinsley. Left to right, she will coast in left side. The layup is up and good for the Saint Anne’s Belfield product. And Virginia jumps in front by a point. K’Lynn Willis for Hampton, dribbling near-side. Steps in with 3, her shot on the way, is up and good. Lauren Moses, right block against two defenders, spins around, floats it off the glass.

Good touch and the finish from Lauren Moses. Virginia draws even at 9 a piece. Tinsley into the front court, bounce pass to Toussaint, pulls it back beyond the arc, now hesitation move, kicks out near-side, great pass for Huland El. Yes. Rattles around, touches the glass, and drops through. Second chances, Virginia fortunate that Hampton didn’t come away with any points on that go around. On the other end, here’s Toussaint, all the way to the rim. She puts it up and off the glass.

Far wing left with J’Kyra Brown, 12 to shoot. Huland El stepping in with 3, top of the arc and drains it. Aliyah’s got another one. And in the meantime, Willoughby wants it, 3, for the near quarter left. Her shot is up, touches nothing but net. Aliyah picks it up, beats Tinsley near-side, looking inside, Aiyeotin turns around after the double team, Jablonowski kicks out to Brown, wide open for 3. Her shot is up and good. Starr feeding to [? Kurlic, ?] Finney-Smith, her 3 is up, and it touches nothing but net to pull Hampton back within 7. Finds Huland El, dangerous pass completed, now beats Moses, extra pass, far corner right, Toussaint’s 3, front of the rim, no good.

Rebound tapped around, taken by Willoughby underneath, fighting, puts it back off the glass, and in. Charging along the far side line, kicks over to Willoughby in the paint. Yes. Floater is up and good as time expires in quarter number three. A little shout of life that Virginia needed as we head towards the final quarter at JPJ. Minute 37 to go, kicks out Finney-Smith, her 3, for the far wing, off the glass and in, to pull Hampton back within 4. Ninety seconds to go in regulation. By Dejane James, handing off now, for Aliyah Huland El, off Dominique Toussaint. Toussaint driving right side, kicks out to an open Brown, far corner right, her 3, rims around and drops through. J’Kyra Brown might have just found the dagger for Virginia. Feeds off to James, head fake from 3, driving into the paint and she floats it up, left it short. Rebound, Jablonowski, to the final two seconds of regulation, and that will do it. The Cavaliers hold on, withstanding a late charge from the Hampton Lady Pirates. Our final score from JPJ, Virginia, 66, Hampton, 62. As the Cavaliers find a way to get back into the win column tonight in front of the home fans.

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