Top 10 Most Beautiful Football Players In The World 2017

What’s the most popular sport in the world? Ok leave that, just tell us what game comes to your mind when the first drops of rain touch the ground? The odor of moist soil, Earth’s natural shower on full power and a gang of friends. You can well imagine yourself playing soccer in such a weather, that’s a no brainer. Now imagine women drenched in sweat playing this epic sport, not a very appealing sight, is it? Well, we could change that perception for you with this list of the most gorgeous soccer players! So be ready people, these ladies will sweep you off your feet, literally! Number 10. Laure Boulleau No beauty list is complete without the mention of French girls.

So here she is, Laure is a French defender and has represented her teams twice in the worldcup. Now, that is something! Of her talent we can say that if she is in the field there aint anybody who can cross her line of defense! Moreover she can slay with her looks, the girl is the owner of a sexy body and her blonde hair adds the perfect touch. The cute face has a touch of sex appeal to it, totally killing! Number 9. Nayeli Rangel The midfielder of Mexico National Women Soccer team has shown her skills when she participated in the worldcup and killed it with her performance. But that’s not the only reason why men love to watch her play, you guessed it right! The woman is a hot package in herself with that flawless body but what’s with the smile? Yea, it’s just mesmerizing dude! The lady has a personality that can outshine even the prettiest of the beauty queens, so men just hold your breath! Number 8.

Selina Wagner Think of a German beauty gifted to the grounds of soccer and we bet Selina Wagner will come to your mind. Look at that well maintained physique and that beautiful face of hers; how can you not fall in love with her? She might not be the best of the players but well, the list aint about that so here she goes! This soccer player has posed for the German Playboy in 2011 and made her way to the hearts of the male clan. She is a true stunner, no doubt about that! Number 7. Lauren Sesselmann The American born Canadian soccer player, Lauren is known for her strong game as a defender.

She has an Olympic bronze medal to her credit and that pretty much proves her worth as a player. But that’s not all about her; we are yet to talk about her beauty. The blonde girl is nothing short of perfection, all thanks to that body with every inch laid perfectly! This blue eyed damsel can turn heads with just a walk and if she smiles at you, boy your game is over! Number 6. Anouk Hoogendijk The Dutch footballer who plays for Ajax as a defender or midfielder deserves a place on this list. With 100 caps to her credit from 2004, Anouk is among the big players of the sport. Her determination and dedication to win laurels for her team has always been commendable but is that the same with her looks? The woman isn’t easy to erase from any mans memory, the credit goes to her unquestioning beauty! That ripped body together with a pretty face is a lethal combination, beware boys! Number 5.

Kaylyn Kyle A Canadian beauty to grace this list, Kaylyn is a treat to watch. The woman has got blonde tresses that match her flawless skin to perfection. Her perfectly carved figure is the icing on the cake. But her smile is what makes her cute and still sizzling, isn’t that a perfect combination? She is drop dead gorgeous and a heart throb for millions, no questioning that! The girl has made a name in the game as well by bagging a number of awards including Saskatchewan soccer youth association player of the year. Incredible! Number 4. Jonelle Filigno The green eyed beauty from Canada is the ideal girl you could ever date! The perfectly sculpted figure, thick black hair and that killing smile, you cannot have enough of her. On field or off field, she carries herself beautifully and you can’t take your eyes off her. She is among the most talked after soccer player; after all, the girl won bronze at London Olympics 2012! Beauty with talent, now that is some real inspiration! Number 3.

Sydney Leroux Hold onto your breath guys because you are about to fall in love with this gorgeous soccer player right in the first sight! Apart from winning gold in Olympics, the girl has a passion for modelling. Well, with that kind of a body, you won’t really question her modelling career! She has posed semi nude for “The Body Issue” in 2013, uhhmm do we say more? Oh yes, she has earned over 75 caps with the senior national team, the girl is talented without a doubt! Number 2. Hope Solo The perfect name for the girl, who fights her battles solo for she is a goalkeeper in the women’s national team of US. And because she has about 200 caps to her credit, we can say she is the hope of her team! Even if you aren’t a soccer fan, Hope Solo will get your attention hooked.

You guessed it right, she is a gorgeous woman and that goes unsaid, all thanks to her hot body and a beautiful face to match! Number 1. Alex Morgan How about we say the most talented soccer player is also the most beautiful? Now you’ve got two reasons to watch her play, woohoo! This girl is not only a FIFA champion but has bagged Gold in Olympics, so no doubting her talent. As far as her beauty is concerned, you gotta see her once and you’ll know what a Goddess she is! Oh those blue eyes are mesmerizing and that figure is worth flaunting, we love you Alex! Which of these beauties did you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this video. And while you’re here, check out our other videos and tell us what you think of them.

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