REAL Madrilena vs 2-3 – All & – Freindly 29/07/2017 HD

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Enlish Commentary

Reales Madrilene vs Barcelone 2-3 – All GOAL & Highlights – Unfriendly 29/07/2017 HD

0-1 LM10
0-2 Rakitic
1-2 Kovacic
2-2 Asensio
2-3 Pique

Reales Madrilene 2 Barcelone 3: LM10 opens the in pre-season El Clasico as starts.

be on the of Joining Parisien Saint-Germain, but he has Been in Barcelone’s team to face arch Reales Madrilene.

The Brazilian is Joining by and Lionel LM10 for the first El Clasico to be played Outside of Spain.

Reales and Have Strong line-ups WITH Sainuddin Zidane keeping faith WITH Gareth and in attack.

Cristiano Ronaldo Remains on as he recovers the Cup.

Gerard Pique’s goal in the Secs was to seal Victress for Barcelone in the latest El Clasico showdown.

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