What is up my homeboys and homegirls PWG here with the two and only skill twins Today, we’re here because they’re going to teach me an awesome pana move and I’m going to teach them an awesome freestyle trick are you guys ready? We’re ready man, do it So PWG the first thing we are going to teach you is a classical street move. It’s all the mousetrap. That’s it. That’s it, all right and How do you do it basically? So basically the first step you touch the ball backwards using the soul of your strong foot across your weak foot That’s the first step. Step two, so you do the step one So now you go around the ball using your strong foot and fake it. Pass the ball across the weak foot. Go around, so you basically do like a kind of Rabona. Oh so it’s kind of like you’re faking that you’re losing the ball to trick your opponent. And the last step, is to stop the ball using the top of the strong foot. So step one drag back the ball using the sole of the strong foot across your weak foot go around and stop the ball with your toe.

Alright So now we’re going to show you why this is a really effective move in the panna game so basically I’m going to act as the defender, Jacob comes here I’m going to try to use the ball. Ooh what’s happened here, I open up a legs and you get the panna Yes, exactly there you have it bro. You pass the ball, wheey! Okay I’m gonna be a defender. I’ll come here Wow, so basically I’m a defender here. What happened there, whoa! So I don’t have a name for this trick, but this is what it looks like WOAH So basically this is kind of a variation of the trick rainbow you know the trick that everyone does like this one yeah, it’s kind of a variation because you’re going to get it straight over your back you’re not actually watching the ball which makes it a lot cooler So the thing is you can do it either as a flick up, or you can also do it from juggling.

While stalling the ball on your foot, you put the foot down and this is the difficult part actually. You have to put your weak leg in front of the other one and clinch it between your legs. Okay, now you’re going to do it like a rainbow, so you’re going to You’re going to step up the foot like this, and then you’re going to heel the ball over your head So that is basically how you do the trick It’s pretty simple, but you would need a few tries to get it right so, are you ready? Yeah, so first step balance the ball. Like that? Second step put the foot down Like this? Yes the heel and then quickly go over over and then heel it.

AYY What? First try? Are you joking me? You could look back as well but I don’t care it’s cool nonetheless you got it over. Control, you can do it in so many different ways but in my opinion, this is the coolest way to get it over your head, and there’s so many tricks you can do afterwards before or whatever. Awesome. Yes! That was awesome, I never did this here before, I used to do the rainbow but this one is, and I think you can use it in a street game as well. If you want to, if you want to The sky is the limit in street football Alright, so guys. How was it? It was super amazing, it was a pleasure learning from the champion yourself. So remember to subscribe, like, comment And all that jazz. And remember to subscribe to Skilltwinz. We will have a link somewhere here. Hope you enjoyed guys and until next time cheerio and guys don’t forget.

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