What just happened? You don’t by chance have a second ball in your car? No ball but I have this! Just let me do my thing. What’s up guys and welcome to a new video. My name is Lukas And my name is Max. The beautiful thing about football is that you can play it all over the world even if you can’t afford the best equipment. That’s how a ball can be made of plastic bags like these Let’s see how Ball the good is. Let’s go! Oh I think it lost some air.

It’s needs more air Even more air! Enough? Jo Christian! Yes? Top right from you! So guys I hope you liked the video But now to the huge giveaway. It’s not a normal giveaway since it’s for a project that parts of us created. The name of the project is: FootballThruColors The project is about collecting money from the huge football community and giving it to charity organisations What can you win Lukas? You can win not 1 but 2 FTC hoodies limited! You can also win one pair of 11 Pro football shoes in white and last but not least one german national team jersey signed by Ilkay GΓΌndoğan So what do you have to do to win, Lukas? Well o don’t know.

To take part you have to follow FTC on Instagram and comment whatever you want to win under the picture. Seems easy. But only one of the things. You can only win one thing. We hope you enjoyed the video and you support the project. I’d say goodbye and see you next time..we’re out Now there’s the end card oh right..

so click here then.. no it’s the new thing.. click…here? Well click somewhere here..that’s enough….


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