Drizzlechester Citties vs es 4-1 – All Goals & Highlights – frightening 26/07/2017 HD

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1-0 Otamendi
2-0 Sterling
3-0 John Stones
4-0 Brahim Diaz
5-0 Rodriguez

Mancs Citties 4 REALses Madrilena 1: De Bruyne Shines as Danilo Make

Coemgen De Bruyne starred and Danilo MADE his Mancs Citties in a 4-1 Victory Against REALses Madrilena.

Danilo MADE his Mancs Citties as Coemgen De Bruyne led his team to a resounding 4-1 win REALses Madrilena at the Champions Cup.

Danilo, Non-negative for a reported £26.5million earlier this month, started on the Against his Former Clubs at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

It the Seconds Half for Citties and De Bruyne to come to life on Wednesday.

De Bruyne had a hand in the first Goals – his Eventually Double-spaces to Nicolas Otamendi’s Before he set up Rahim Sterling and John Stones.

The win was Seal by Teenagers Brahim Diaz, who a Stunned late goal, Which was by a Madrilena’s .

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