Cal Volleyball vs Arizona HIGHLIGHTS

Hi Bears fans I’m Alexia Inman with CalTV sports bringing you highlights from today’s volleyball game, where your Golden Bears beat the Arizona Wildcats 3 sets to 2 the Bears started off the first set explosively with an immediate side out thanks to a kill from Christine Alftin they kept the momentum going throughout the first set thanks to some solid blocking which kept the Wildcats’ offense restrained they ended up taking the first set 25 – 19 Solid defense from Emma Smith and Mima Mirkovic kept the bears alive although they got down to an early deficit in the second set. Strong setting in the third and fourth sets helped put the Bears in a good position to score but Arizona’s spot on defense ultimately led to their fall 25 – 22 and 25 – 15 the Bears were finally able to regain the momentum they had early in the first two sets helping them win the 5th set 15 – 10 This win makes their record for the season 11 and 4 the Bears also celebrated something bigger than their win against the Wildcats They celebrated Savannah Rennie’s battle against lymphoma for #SavStrong day I’m Alexia Inman signing off from Haas Pavilion Go Bears!


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