Basketball Drills for Youth Basketball : Youth Basketball Conditioning: Circuit Drills

Hi, this is Sean Hobson. One thing we want to try to do is incorporate as many basketball skills into our conditioning as possible. What we’ve got right here in this drill this is called the circuit drill. We’re going to do many different skills and conditioning, and then we’re going to rotate through this. We usually will do this one time through at about forty-five seconds or a minute, and then cut it down to about thirty seconds on the second time around. As soon as they’re done with one drill, they’ll rotate out to the other drill. But what we’re going to do right now is we’re just going to show you the different circuits and how they work. We’re going to start over here. What we want down on the end is we want our first guy on each cone, we want him to run up. What his drill’s working on is, the quicker and the lower you can stay on your cuts, the quicker you’ll be.

So we want him to come up above the cone, keep his hips down, and all he’s doing is just swiveling his hips, staying down, and then he’s going to backpedal around the cone to the next. Then he’s going to sprint up, then he’s going to backpedal. Zack’s going to show you what this looks like at full speed. Go. You see he runs up, he stays down. All he’s doing is moving his feet. Good. And then he’s going to finish up, and then he’s going to sprint on down, and then he’ll do it again until the circuit is over. He did a great job there because you don’t want the guys to come up and take ten steps around. You want them just to take one step, drop their hips, and go.

This one over here that Ben’s going to demonstrate is the shuffle drill. This all you’re doing is staying down in defensive stance going from one cone to the other, and you’re just going to keep working hard until the end of the circuit. All right, Ben, go. You want to stay low so all you have to do is reach down and touch the line. Good, Ben. Then we go from that drill on down to the jump rope drill. And that’s pretty easy. All they’re going to do is just continuously jump rope through the whole forty-five seconds. If you stop, you’re going to pick the jump rope back up, and you’re going to do it again. All right, thanks Blake. Now Blake’s going to go over and show you another drill, in the corner, what we’re going to have him do is push ups. And they’re just going to keep a good push up stance. Now usually if we do this for a minute, we’ll tell them they have a ten second rest. So they’re going to do as many push ups as they can, take a ten second rest, then they’re going to finish it out by doing as many push ups as they can.

All right, thanks Blake. Now, what Hunter is going to do is he’s going to work on this one in a defensive stance, he’s going to close out, he’s going to close out low, and then he’s going to do a defensive stance back to the cone, and then he’s going to close out again. So, we’ll show you what this looks like. Good close out, defense, close it out, defense, and then when he’s done then he’s going to sprint it on back and he’ll do it again. All right, thank you. That’s called the circuit drills. It’s great for conditioning, good for your basketball skills. If you incorporate all this together, you’re going to get a lot accomplished at the end of a practice.


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