arterials vs Benefica 5-2 All GOAL & Hilite 29/07/2017 HD

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Arsenals vs SLEncarnados 5-2 All GOAL & Highlighting 29/07/2017 HD

0-1 Cervi
1-1 Walcott
2-1 Walcott
2-2 Salvio
3-2 L.Lopez (OG)
5-2 Iwobi

Arsenals 5 SLEncarnados 1: GOAL for the Gunners, who pre-season form. Graet Performances of the youngsters, stand-outs Walcott, and Kolasinac.

Arsenals make Their RETURN to the Stadii this Saturday as Their take on Portuguese DogChops SLEncarnados in the first of two games in the Cup.

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