9/23/16 – Football – Royall 0, Bangor 13

Only two teams remain undefeated in the Scenic Bluffs. And they square off tonight. Five-and-oh Royall. at five-and-oh and defending state champion Bangor. First Quarter. Long Cardinals drive. Hunter Ellenburg caps it off. Nice cut for the score. 7 – 0. To the second. More pounding the rock from red. Luke Reader from a few yards out. Bangor up 13. Second half. Royall punting. But Cardinal’s Caleb Miedema muffs it. Mad scramble. Panthers Noah Friedl recovers. Momentum to white. But Bangor’s D stands tall all night. Seth Brown gets driven back by Carter Horstman for the sack.. Then minutes left. 4-th down for Royall. Balls loose. The Cardinal defense recovers. Bangor wins the defensive showdown 13-nothing. Win number-20 in a row for the Cardinals..


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